Aug 21 2013

War Thunder – To Pay or Not To Pay

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I’ve been having a blast with War Thunder. It’s a terrific game. Gaijin Entertainment just showcased the game for its eventual PlayStation 4 debut with a terrific trailer. But right now I’m wondering whether or not it’s time to spend some money on the game.

War Thunder is clearly worth it. Of all the games I’ve played in the last five years (free or otherwise), I’d say I’ve gotten the most bang for the buck from War Thunder.

However I’m strapped for cash. I probably will spend money on the game at some point, likely for the premium planes. Specifically, I’m intrigued by the Boomerangs that were built by the Australians but flown by the RAF (Royal Air Force).

The more I fly the British lineup of planes, the more I like them. The Spitfire Mk II is especially a favorite of mine.

However, the Boomerangs are just tier 4 and have basic cannons. There aren’t very many planes that early in the game that have cannons. Most are just your basic machine gun.

Youtuber eNtaK recently took out the Boomerang for a spin and did very well in this video. He did get a little lucky, however. Often that side of the map gets swarmed by fighters trying to protect bombers. He didn’t get a whole lot of resistance until the very end of the game. I’m usually fighting off half a dozen Yaks and BF 190s.

That being said, the Boomerang proved to provide plenty of punch to bring down planes once the cannons were reloaded. The RAF machine guns aren’t particularly good at bringing down planes. They’ll light planes on fire sometimes, but often those fires will be extinguished because of self-sealing fuel tanks.

All and all, I’d say that unless Gaijin changes the pricing at some point, I’ll be opening my wallet at some point. Even if it’s just to try out one of the Boomerangs. Most of the other premium planes don’t interest me. A lot of them are either too highly tiered or don’t suit my playing style.

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