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Sep 01 2011

A Plea to Twilight Time

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I wanted to make a simple plea to specialty label Twilight Time, who recently announced the rights to several Sony movies for eventual release on Bluray. No specific films were mentioned, but I really have an issue with their business plan. The Egyptian, a great 1950s film, was released at $40 on Bluray and limited […]

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Apr 06 2011

New Heineken Commercial

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For the last few weeks, I’ve seen Heineken’s “Entrance” commercial dozens of times and can’t seem to get enough of it and yet whenever I’m on the computer, I can never remember to look up the artist responsible for the extremely catchy music that accompanies it. To my amazement, I actually remembered today and it […]

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Mar 28 2011

Charter’s Free Internet Speed Upgrade

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Over the last six months, Charter has rolled out I believe two free internet speed upgrades and they haven’t been shy about saying it. At times, Charter’s ads for patting themselves on the back outnumber any other single company. I don’t think even Geiko can compete in the number of ads I’m seeing now. What […]

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Mar 30 2010

RollerCoaster Tycoon on Undercover Boss Pics

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Here are the pictures I promised the other day: The young man is explaining some design ideas for a ride to a man was told is a new employee, when in fact he’s actually the company’s CEO. In this instance, the CEO is Joel Manby, President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment. I believe this […]

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Mar 28 2010

RollerCoaster Tycoon on Undercover Boss

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I watched a little bit of tonight’s new episode of the reality series Undercover Boss on CBS and was shocked by what I saw. One of the employees of an amusement park showed another employee some ideas he had for a ride and he didn’t pull out a sheet of paper and pen. He pulled […]

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Feb 21 2010


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I don’t usually blog about movies, but I figured I’d share some quick opinions on the latest box office hit, Avatar. I’ve liked James Cameron’s past work, but I just couldn’t get behind Avatar. The promos never impressed me and after seeing the movie, this movie reminded me of what’s wrong with the video game […]

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Sep 06 2009

Retro DVDs

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Every once in a while I feel like watching something an older movie or tv show and last week I popped the first two DVDs of season one of MacGyver in my DVD player and was instantly taken back to the 80s, a time which looks makes things so much more simple than they are […]

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Jul 23 2009


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I’m not a comic book reader… never really have been. I’ve only owned two comics in my life and that was when I was about seven years old. However, it’s hard for me not to notice the popularity of Comic-Con thanks to Twitter, just to start. A web without Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace doesn’t seem […]

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Jun 08 2009

USA Network Promos

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As a huge fan of USA Network for years, I always enjoy their promos and they have some great ones this year again.

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Dec 14 2008

Blu-Ray Question

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Alright, I finally opened my wallet and forked out a nice stack of cash for a Panasonic Plasma HDTV and Panasonic Blu-Ray player (along with a few movies), but I have a question about the BD-Live feature that many discs are coming with. I presume all BD-Live content is stored on remote servers and is […]

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