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Jun 30 2008

Wall-E and The Dark Knight

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There are really only two movies out this summer that have garnered any attention by me and they are Wall-E and The Dark Knight. Wall-E looks kind of cute, but I haven’t payed a whole lot of attention to the plot info. It’s something I shy away from when it comes to animated movies for […]

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Jun 18 2008

Firefox 3

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I don’t follow browser development that closely. I know there are some who download nightly builds and all that, but I guess I have things to do. Anyway, Mozilla put on quite a little song and dance to promote their Firefox browser recently. A lot of sites had news about how they were trying to […]

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Jun 11 2008

Gallery Added

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When I mentioned putting in a garden a few weeks ago, Ogre said he wanted pics. You wish is my command, old friend. I got my mom a digital camera for Mother’s Day and she’s been snapping pics of the garden. There are two galleries full of photos of the garden. They show the amount […]

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