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Sep 21 2009

The Irony Of It All

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I’m afraid there isn’t much to report right now. I’m just busy working. Regarding the title of this new entry, I had an old post about blog spam which is suddenly attracting you guessed it: blog spam. It’s getting 5-10 spams a day right now. It’s hardly a big problem thanks to Akismet, but I […]

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Sep 06 2009

A Solar Power Station in Space?

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In the last few weeks I’ve briefly read over several articles about a possible solar power station being built in space by the Japanese. The proposed 1-gigawatt power station will cost an estimated $21 billion, a huge expense for such little power. The station would only be able to power ~300,000 Japanese homes. The last […]

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Sep 06 2009

Retro DVDs

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Every once in a while I feel like watching something an older movie or tv show and last week I popped the first two DVDs of season one of MacGyver in my DVD player and was instantly taken back to the 80s, a time which looks makes things so much more simple than they are […]

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