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Oct 26 2007

Another Upgrade

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Another upgrade came out from WordPress, so I quickly updated it. Damn, that didn’t take long… two days after I upgraded this thing, another comes out.

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Oct 24 2007

Blog Spam

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I just activated Akismet to deal with the blog spam I’m getting bombarded with. Ogre’s used spam karma, but Akismet should help me out quite a lot. We shall see… UPDATE: Less than a full day later, I admit I am loving Akismet so far. It’s blocked quite a lot of spam so far.

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Oct 23 2007

Water Heater Update

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When I hopped in the shower this morning, I was quite pleased to find that the water temperature was back to normal, if not slightly higher. Ahhh, warm water. Taking a cold shower is terrible this time of year. Anyway, I returned to the gym and found that the owner had assembled several new pieces […]

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Oct 22 2007

Water Heater Problems

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I had quite a lot of things planned for today, including hitting the gym. My plans for the day were dashed as soon as I took a shower this morning. No hot water. Dammit! My hot water heater died and I had to spend much of the day replacing a heating element and cleaning up […]

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Oct 20 2007

Blog Upgraded

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When I started this blog, I launched it with a version of WordPress which was released the same week. Since then, I’ve resisted the urge to upgrade with every software update. After chatting with Ogre, I decided I may as well upgrade. He needs to do the same — his is more out-dated than mine […]

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