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Nov 17 2007


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When looking at a few old posts, I noticed that the images I uploaded when I posted the article weren’t working. It looks as though I accidentally deleted those images when I upgraded the blog software. I completely forgot about those pictures. So now some posts don’t make much sense without the images.

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Nov 08 2007

DeepDiscount 20% Off Sale Active

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It looks like DeepDiscount started their sale a little early. I was able to get my order in with a coupon code – DVDTALK. Use it and you’ll receive 20% off any in-stock DVD. Have fun!

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Nov 07 2007

The Three Stooges Collection, Volume One: 1934-1936

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Like just about every other American male, I loved the Stooges. I don’t recall which cable channel had them on all the time about six years ago, but I watched religiously. I have refrained from buying any of the “themed” VHS or DVD sets over the years in hopes that the companies would do a […]

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Nov 05 2007

Fall DeepDiscount 20% Off Sale

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Twice a year (formerly known as has a 20% off sale on their DVDs and a few other items. But their biggest sellers tend to be DVDs. Anyway, their fall/winter sale begins November 09th for those who are interested. You aren’t guaranteed to get the best price during the sale, but I’m usually […]

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