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Apr 20 2007

Infected PC

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I was browsing a usenet indexer the other day when my PC became infected with a virus/malware/whatever.  I was getting pop-ups (advertisements) saying my PC was infected and I should install a program to get rid of it.  How ironic, I thought.  After some searching, I learned I was hit by Vundo, a nasty little […]

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Apr 16 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

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That’s got to be the lamest title I’ve had so far for this blog, but I frankly couldn’t come up with anything. I used to just use dates like this when I blogged on, but since then, I’ve tried to use titles which were specifically related to what I intended to write about. I […]

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Apr 15 2007


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With taxes due soon, I had to work on those this morning. Fortunately, it didn’t take long. I just had some trouble tracking down a few receipts which I didn’t save in the places I thought I did. I had planned on completing my taxes back in February, but I kept putting it off. I […]

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Apr 11 2007

More Bad Weather

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Weather here in the midwest has been a little strange, but it tends to happen during seasonal transitions. For a few days, it was in the 60s and even reached 72, but since then, we’ve seen temperatures range from highs of 31 to 57 or so. A snow storm is now making its way through […]

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Apr 02 2007 Order

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I saw that was having a sale on a few hundred DVDs (about $6 each), and I picked up a few. I had seen a few of the movies before and liked them, but there are a few that I hadn’t seen before. Syriana The Recruit Phenomenon The Village Con Air Unbreakable The Rock […]

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Apr 01 2007

Bad Weather

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The weather in the midwest was pretty bad yesterday. Rain and wind pounded the entire area. Every few minutes some sort of warning would pop up on the television. They ranged from thunderstorms and floods to tornado watches. I’m not sure how much rain I received, but when it was raining, it was coming down […]

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