May 18 2012

Facebook IPO

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I wonder how many others have an uneasy feeling over the Facebook IPO. You really can’t watch the news without hearing about Facebook. All of the news websites are plastered with photos of Mark Zuckerberg.

I’ve seen a lot of trendy sites come and go and I frankly suspect Facebook will be another Myspace (or one of many other sites no longer relevant).

How Facebook intends to make a profit without selling its users’ private information is anybody’s guess. General Motors recently pulled its $10 million in ads after coming to the conclusion they simply don’t work.

As a potential investor and as someone who has seen so many sites disappear over the years, I’m incredibly standoffish when it comes to Facebook. I use Facebook to a degree, but I don’t really care for the product. It’s got way too much going on. It’s obvious to me that whomever they hired for the user interface doesn’t know what the heck he/she is doing.

Of all the tech IPOs I would have gone in if I had the money in recent years, Google is the only one I would have jumped in on. It’s a company that works, even though some of their products end up failing. Facebook is essentially one big product that’s going to be bankrupt in just a few years.

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