Sep 04 2013

War Thunder – New Best Game

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I get incrementally better each day in War Thunder. Twenty kills in Arcade is still my goal. I managed to down 18 enemy planes the other day in my Beaufighter Mk. VLC. I also got three ground kills. I never got shot down.

Perhaps the most important part is my team did win the game. I don’t know about other War Thunder players but it’s frustrating when you play well and your team still ends up losing because you didn’t target enough ground units.

Of course with that model Beaufighter, you’re not going to get very many ground kills. It has cannons, but no bombs or rockets. Killing tanks and pillboxes is impossible without heavier weapons. As far as ground units go, 20mm cannons are only good for taking out AAA, Armored Cars, and Howitzers.

18 air kills is nice but it really comes up short compared to what I saw Akeera upload on Youtube the other day. 33 air kills! Holy cow!

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