Aug 06 2013

Another Big War Thunder Update Coming

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War Thunder‘s changing again. More changes are coming in a soon-to-be-released patch. It’ll include more planes, of course. However, the changes that intrigue me the most have to do with plane upgrades.

We’ll have additional customization options at-hand when it comes to weapons, engines, air frame, etc.

As of today, the number of options is about half of what could come to be when Gaijin releases the next major patch.

What is potentially worrying about this coming patch is actually the nickle and diming that would take place. Although the dizzying number of customizations is a nice thing, it could be costly for players. Silver Lions and Golden Eagles will be spent at a record pace on the new upgrades.

I have no doubt Gaijin sees this as a potential windfall in terms of profit. A lot of players will undoubtedly whip out their credit card or log into their Paypal account to transfer money over to buy the upgrades.

I can honestly say that as of August 6th, I have yet to spend a single penny on the game and I don’t see that changing. I’ve spent money on other free games (namely Battle Pirates) that had premium upgrades and ended up regretting it eventually.

War Thunder is a far better game than Battle Pirates however. If I had the money, I probably would spend some on the game. It’s definitely a game worth supporting. This game is worth the $40+ you’d normally spend on a good PC title.

Gaijin has an invite system for War Thunder. If you join by clicking on this link, we both get free in-game money (Golden Eagles). So if you’re considering playing, give it a shot. The game is totally free and a blast to play.

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