Apr 01 2013

War Thunder April Fools Day Joke

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Gaijin Entertainment got us all today. They released a new video preview showing flying ponies in the game. You know the “My Little Pony” ponies? Yeah, those ponies. Here’s the kicker. They actually put the ponies in the game!

I couldn’t believe it. For a game company to go to that level, it blew me away.

Now the Ponyland Air Force are all made of the same ponies, just in a variety of colors. They’re remarkably fast. They’re essentially jets, something I haven’t actually reached amongst the regular aircraft in the game. They don’t turn particularly well. Also, shooting down a pony can be difficult since they’re so small.

I took my Ponyland Air Force out for a spin this morning, playing about six games. My best one resulted in getting shot down four times, while shooting down eight enemies.

The games don’t tend to last very long. On groundstrike matches, the game is generally over in just a few minutes because you can kill the ground targets pretty quickly with your two bombs, eight rockets, and four cannons.

Taking out low tier planes right now would be suicide. These little ponies will own your behind! Fortunately, these will only be in the game for today. So have fun, kids.

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