May 28 2012

NBA Playoffs are Heating Up

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For me not much beats the NBA playoffs. Call me crazy, but I prefer the NBA playoffs over even the singular event that is the Super Bowl. It used to be the other way around slightly, but the Super Bowl hasn’t been the must-watch event in several years.

I’ve always enjoyed the NBA playoffs and this year is no different. I haven’t had a favorite team in years. I used to be a huge Bulls fan but that came to an end after Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen both left Chicago. I eventually found a team in the Charlotte Hornets, but they’ve since changed cities and the roster no longer even comes close to what it was like in the ’90s.

Today, I’m more of a fan of the entire league. I don’t have one team or player to hope for. I think that helps when it comes time for the playoffs. My team is never out of the playoffs. 😛

I just love watching the teams that do make the playoffs play their butts off. The intensity of the games is clearly ratcheted up. Everything is on the line. Legacies and dynasties are formed in the playoffs.

Right now the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs are squaring off for the Western Conference Championship while the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat do the same in the East. Everything tells me we’ll be seeing the Spurs and Heat in the NBA Finals. I’d really like to see those two teams square off. I’d like to see Tim Duncan try to win one last championship before he retires. Conversely, I’d also like to see LeBron James get his first. Whatever happens, I’ll be glued to my television, catching nearly every minute.

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