May 28 2012

Good Timing

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I don’t have central air so every summer is a gamble as to when to put in the window air conditioner. I hate putting the A/C in too early. I like having the full window open in the spring to let that fresh air in. However, waiting too long will have you feeling miserable as you bake in 90+ degree heat.

This year, I did it right. I had one or two warm days and got it in right before it got really hot. I was ready to go when the local weathermen predicted 97 degrees for a high. When it’s that hot, you really don’t feel like doing anything. Just thinking too hard can make you pop a sweat.

I know I’m not the only one who is enjoying the A/C. My dog loves it. After going on a long walk in the heat, he comes in and plops down on the floor in front of the A/C to cool off.

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